CL-5200 Update series retail scale-can sieu thi

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CL-5200 Update series retail scale-can sieu thi

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CL-5200 Update series retail scale-can sieu thi

CAS Price Computing Scale features a built-in thermal Label Printer with easy-to-use replacement cartridge. Numerous Speed Keys for quick and easy operation. Easily networked and Ethernet ready. Large PLU & Ingredient message memory. Barcode & Label formats: 30 fixed & 10 free format. Management functions, including data management, price control, PLU programming, sales reports, label & keypad editing are controlled by CL-Work PC software and is necessary for any retail business. Widely used in various retail environments such as butchery, grocery and fruit/vegetable shop and supermarkets.

Mẫu cân siêu thị mới CL-5200 Upgrade tăng cường các ô nhớ - PLU gián tiếp. Cân siêu thị CL-5200 trong cửa hàng kinh doanh, chuỗi cửa hàng (shop)

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