FS-2101C Digital Weighing Indicator

nhập bởi hoasenvang - Sep 27, 2019 - FINE Weigher

Dữ liệu thuộc NSX Cân điện tử FINE Weigher

FS-2101C Digital Weighing Indicator

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FS-2101C is Digital Weighing Indicator amplifying the analog output from a load Cell, converting the analog signal to digital data and then displaying this data as a weight reading And is designed for flawless performance in your demanding The Application of FS-2101C Model will be use for a filler weighing, discharging, Accumulated weighing, checking the weight by using 3step control(1st, 2nd, 3rd) Signal. Also, an additional option will make Modern Industry demand equipment that both versatile And available to easily connect to other devices

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