JCL Counting Scale Cân đếm điện tử

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JCL Counting Scale Cân đếm điện tử

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JCL Counting Scale Cân đếm điện tử

- 1/15000 resolution
- Large bright LCD with green LED backlight
- A/D covered by aluminum plate, prevent PCB from static and moisture.
- Weighing platter easy to disassemble (with anti-cockroach design)
- Overload and transport devices
- Zero/tare/pre-tare/zero tracking /accumulation(99 pieces)/auto unit weight recomputing/part counting/sampling / check quantity functions
- Auto shut off /auto backlight
- RS-232 interface (optional)
- Ideal for applications including document distribution, shipping and receiving/inventory management/in-process parts counting/prepacking parts or any other use.



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